There are a number of situations under which BV workbook information can become incorrect.

The most common is adding or removing fields.

Because the zeckoSoftware tools are set to check for changes to the workbook information on a regular basis, the workbook rebuild does not always work correctly.

In order to ensure that zeckoSoftware can properly read the data, follow these steps.

1. Close all 3rd-Party tools that connect to the BV data.

     - This includes zeckoCentral, the zeckoSoftware services, Pervasive Control Center, BVEssentials Server, and others.

     - This can also be done by restarting the Pervasive Engine services. Do not do this if anyone is using any BV or any of the mentioned software.

2. Add a new workbook field.

     - It can be named anything, and will be removed by the end of the process.

3. Rebuild the workbook.

     - Before this step, take a look at the *.DDF files in the <BVData>\workbook directory. Note the timestamp.

     - After this step, these files should have been given an updated timestamp.

4. Remove the workbook field added in step 2.

5. Rebuild the workbook.

     - Again, the files should have been given an updated timestamp.

6. Restart any software closed in step 1.

At this point, the connections to the workbook data should be working properly.